Congressman Lagdameo inaugurates twin projects in Carmen Created on March 22, 2013, 5:03 am Posted by nup

Cong. Antonio “Anton” F. Lagdameo, Jr. of the 2nd District of Davao del Norte, inaugurated yesterday two (2) major projects in the Municipality of Carmen namely the Road concreting project connecting Carmen’s National High School, Public Market and Public Terminal, and the Association of Barangay Council’s (ABC) Building worth 5 and 6 Million, respectively.

Lagdameo personally joined his constituents in the blessing of the two projects. With him were Carmen’s Mayor Marcelino Perandos and Vice Mayor Alberto Sarin along with Sanguniang Bayan officials, barangay captains, media and local townspeople. Lagdameo said that “these 2 projects are my advance valentine gift to the people of Carmen for your collaborative dedication to make this place progressive. The said projects are part of the congressman’s centerpiece program, Barangayanihan.

The road concreting project proves to be a major catalyst for the municipality’s rapidly growing economy as it traverses three major public structures of the town. Many stalls are also sprouting beside the street which adds to the town’s local revenue.

Mr Jovencio Mahumot, a trisikad driver and a ranking official of the locality’s trisikad driver and operator’s association expressed his elation of the project and said “because of Cong. Lagdameo’s road concreting project, our income has significantly increased since we deliver our passengers faster and with less stress. The number of passengers is also increasing as the public market expands further into the road connecting the terminal.”

For the newly finished ABC Hall, Liga ng mga Barangay President Resty Salaysay could not contain his feelings of appreciation to Cong. Lagdameo’s project for their association since this is a dream come true. The town’s barangay chairmen were once conducting their meetings anywhere within the municipal hall complex since they did not have an office to stay, much more, a room to house the officials from its 20 barangays for a meeting.

 The local officer of the Department of Interior and Local Government was also mentioned as one of the occupants of the new building.

Mayor Mar Perandos articulated his deep appreciation for Cong. Lagdameo’s efforts and contribution in transforming the town into a bustling and progressing municipality. He mentioned all the projects that were realized under his administration were funded by the young legislator such as the construction of the Municipal Health Center. renovation of the municipal gym and complex, livelihood center, mini-ambulance in all its barangays and now the ABC Hall and School-Market-Terminal Road Concreting. The mayor also revealed that Cong. Lagdameo has also worked for the recent implementation of a 75 Million Desilting and Dike Protection project that is on-going under implementation by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

Carmen’s new ABC Hall is just one of Cong. Lagdameo’s pet project for the barangay leaders. Another ABC Hall is being completed in Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal for the said city’s barangay officials. (30)

Congressman Lagdameo calls for peacefull elections Created on March 22, 2013, 4:47 am Posted by nup

Davao del Norte 2nd District Anton F. Lagdameo, Jr. expresses his desire for a peaceful election as the election period for the May 13, 2013 National, Local and ARMM Regional Election started this January 13, 2013 and will end on June 12, 2013. 

In a prepared press release provided by his office, Lagdameo said that “I personally enjoin all our candidates especially in Davao del Norte to lead a fine example to all our neighboring provinces especially here in Mindanao and the entire country that election can be done peacefully devoid of coercion, mud-slinging, vote buying and other illegal practices.”

He added that “It is important that we abide by the rules set by the Commission on Elections and the enforcement of the Philippine National Police and the military for us to arrive at a fair and violent-free election.”

Davao del Norte Election Supervisor Atty. Gay Asuncion-Enumerables earlier announced that based on resolutions from the Comelec National Office, there will be a total gun ban for all candidates and private gun owners. Only regular members of the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other law enforcement agencies of the government who are duly deputized in writing by the Commission for election duty may be authorized to carry and possess firearms during the election period.

Davao del Norte has so far been one of the most orderly and peaceful area during elections.

When asked what his strategy is in the coming political debacle, he said that “perhaps the most hardworking, qualified and sincere candidate would win the election. We just have to double our effort in campaigning since as incumbent officials, we were already given ample time to show our competence, sincerity and efficiency as public servants when we assume our respective posts for 3 years. The myriad projects and programs that I was able to successfully implement for my people in the district thru my Barangayanihan Programs will speak for itself .In the end, It will be up to our people and the Lord Almighty to choose who’s best.”

Cong. Lagdameo is gunning for his 3rd and last term of tenure as Lower House Representative of the 2nd District of Davao del Norte.

Lagdameo, a scion of the influential Floirendo-Del Rosario Family, is a high ranking member of the National Unity Party in Mindanao and currently also, is the Provincial Chairman of Kusog Baryohanon, a duly registered local political party in Davao del Norte.


949 out of 5,343 pass 2012 bar exam—SC Read more Created on March 20, 2013, 8:20 am Posted by nup

MANILA, Philippines—A total of 949 out of 5,343 examinees passed the 2012 bar examination, the Supreme Court said Wednesday.

Top 10

1. Ingles, Ignatius, Michael D. Ateneo De Manila University 85.640
2. King Kay, Catherine Beatrice O. Ateneo De Manila University 84.720
3. Lacson, April Carmela B. University of the Philippines 84.480
4. Romulado, Xavier Jesus D. Ateneo De Manila University 84.100
5. Base, Maria Gracielo D. University of the Philippines 83.990
Machuca, Jose Maria Angel P. Ateneo De Manila University 83.990
6. Salazar, Patrick Henry D. University of the Philippines 83.710
7. Barcelona, Ralph karlo B. Aquinas University 83.430
8. Llamas, Marvyn S. Ateneo De Manila University 83.290
9. Li, Carlo Martin C. Ateneo De Manila University 83.270
10. Tiopianco, Francis Paolo University of the Philippines 83.250


1. A JOSE- AGUSTIN, Karren
3. ABERIN, Ma. Christine
4. ABES, Royce Nieville
5. ABRENZOSA, Cleofe
6. ABUAN, Ruby Ryza
7. ACEDO, Kristian Josef
8. ACORDA, Jacqueline
9. ACOSTA, Lourdes Mae
10. ACOSTA, JR., Gil
11. ACUÑA, Jose Fidel
12. ADAN, Jan Mari
13. ADAP, Sanawia
14. AGANA, III, Carlos Ivan
15. AGATEP, Pia Augustha
16. AGBAY-ABILAR, Janice
17. AGBON, Ma. Cecelia Esperanza
18. AGOPITAC, Nestle
19. AGUAVIVA, Ava Marie
20. AJES-LAURENTE, Lilibeth
21. ALAMEDA, Abigail
22. ALAWI, JR., Saipal
23. ALBANO, Pia Ursula
24. ALBANO, Ranvylle
25. ALBAS, Dominique
26. ALBINA, Dionel
27. ALBOTRA, Tet Chea
28. ALCANTARA, Austin Claude
29. ALCANTARA, Rickmon Albert
30. ALCERA, II, Hermie
31. ALDOVINO, Marian Mae
32. ALEJANDRE, Pauline
33. ALFELOR, JR., Avelino
34. ALI, JR., Lanang
35. ALIM, Nicolito Jesus
36. ALIVIA, Mikhail Sherard
37. ALMARIO, Ann Therese
38. ALMENDRAL, Chrizellie
39. ALMIREZ, Hanna Maria Nica
40. ALOJADO, Carlo Enrico
41. ALVAREZ, Aila May
42. ALVAREZ, Maria Margarita
43. ALVERO, Marierose
44. AMADOR, Tina Andrea
45. AMAN, Takahiro Kenjie
46. AMARO, Ana Mae
47. AMBROCIO, Ma. Carmencita
48. AMSAN, Munib
49. ANDAWI, Melody
50. ANDRION, Jofre
51. ANG, Kathleen Mae
52. ANG, JR., Rodolfo
53. ANGELES, Raul
54. ANTIGUA, Perseus
55. ANTONIO, Rafael
56. APALISOK, JR., Simplicio
57. APARTE, Frances Margaret
58. APORTADERA, Mario Leonardo Emilio
59. AQUENDE, Joseph Angelo Wesley
60. ARANAS, Kim
61. ARCEO, Irene
62. ARCEO, Mariam
63. ARCEÑO, Jackielyn
64. ARDIENTE, Arnold
65. ARELLANO, May Kristine
66. ARIAS, Michelle
67. ARMENTA, Joshua
68. ARQUIZA, Arbee
69. ARQUIZA, Carlo
70. ARRIBA, Mona Liza
71. ARRIOLA, Roanne
72. ARTICONA, Mercedes
73. ARTICULO, Mark Anthony
74. ARTUGUE, Arianne
75. ARUGAY, Manuel Adrian
76. ASPIRAS, Janice
77. ASUNCION, Mark Anthony
78. ASUNTO, Daisy Ray
79. ATANACIO, John David
80. AUGUSTO, Davemark
81. AUSAN, Anniefair
82. AUSTRIA, Carlo
83. AUTENCIO, Anthony
84. AUZA, Jannycer
85. AVILA, Aldan
86. AVILA, Rachelle Faye
87. BABIERA, Jan Christian
88. BACOLOD, Julse
89. BAGAIPO, Cesar
90. BAGATSING, Lea Margarette
91. BAGUIO, Cindy
92. BAGULAYA, Jose Duke
93. BAILAN, Bai Sittie Saida
94. BAINTO, Neal Vincent
95. BAJAS, Joey
96. BAJETA, Jonathan
97. BAKILAN, Bernard
98. BALAGA, Jo Ann
99. BALANQUIT, Raoul Jann
100. BALAORO, Grace
101. BALBA, Zack Hansel
102. BALDOMERO, Ivan Jeffrey
103. BALDOVINO, Aldwin Kenneth
104. BALDOVINO, Alexander
105. BALDOVINO, Tanya Justine
106. BALILI, Neil Aaron
107. BALMES, Irene
108. BALORO, Joemyl
109. BALTAZAR, Ana Lyn
110. BANAYAT-NAS, Hermilia
111. BANDALAN, Jared Anthony
112. BANGHE, Hannah Jane
113. BANZON, Eva
114. BAPTISTA, Joe Allan
115. BARCELONA, Ralph Karlo
116. BARQUEZ, Ma. Elisa Jonalyn
117. BARRIOS, Angelo
118. BASCUGUIN, Maria Jocelyn
119. BASE, Amerissa
120. BASE, Maria Graciela
121. BAUTISTA, Judy-ann
122. BAUTISTA, Krystel Jehan
123. BAUTISTA, Maria Theresa
124. BAYONA, Phoebe Ann
125. BEBER, Dindo
126. BECHAYDA, JR., Jose
127. BEDURAL, Vladimir
128. BENIGIAN, II, Mardovic Dodge
129. BENITEZ, JR., Arcadio
130. BERAY-DE AUSEN, Penelope
131. BERNARDINO, Ramon Felipe
132. BERNARDO, Donna Ametyst
133. BERNARDO, Nicolo
134. BERNARDO, Pallo Mert
135. BIADO, Nazariel
136. BIDAD, Jonelyn
137. BILANGEL, Judy Ann
138. BILIRAN, Amabelle
139. BINARAO, Romael Meng
140. BIRONDO, Francis Ian
141. BLANCIA, Andrei Marion
142. BONDOC, Hector Jerome
144. BONILLA, Diana Lutgarda
145. BORBON, Mariven
146. BORDON, Maria Janina Ann
147. BORJA, Ma. Arlene
148. BORROMEO, Gabriel Angelo
149. BOTABARA, Theresa
150. BRACERO, II, Wivino
151. BRAGAT, Junrie
152. BRILLANTES, Roselle Louie
153. BRION, Eden
154. BRIONES, Conrado
155. BRIONES, Gerald
156. BRONCE, Roentgen
157. BUAGÑIN, Venice
158. BUENAVENTURA, Ma. Clarissa Hearty
159. BUENAVENTURA, Roberto Martin
160. BULOTANO, Ronnie
161. BULSECO, Khristine Gail
162. BUSTOS, Adrian Francis
163. CABANTING, Gil Matthew
164. CABANTUD, Racel
165. CABATINGAN, Justine Mae
166. CABI, Romina Aina
167. CABIEDES, Rodrigo
168. CABRERA, Fernando Juan
169. CABRERA, John Patrick
170. CACHAPERO, JR., Oliver
171. CADABUNA, Marvin Jay
173. CAHAYAG, Rommel
174. CAIBAN, Lee Ferdinand
175. CAJUCOM, Oscar Carlo
176. CALAG, Welan
177. CALALANG, Mary Bianca
178. CALAMAY, Cesar Norman
179. CALDERINI, Charmaine
180. CALDERON, Abegail Joan
181. CALINGASAN, Charlene Mae
182. CALMA-CHAN, Gabriela
183. CALUAG, Edmond
184. CALVAN, Myrtle
185. CAMACHO, Gianfrancis
186. CAMACHO, Paolo Francisco
187. CAMAGANACAN, Emelie
188. CAMISO, Aldous Benjamin
189. CAMUA, Mariacarla
190. CANDELARIA, Marissa
191. CANTILLAS, Irish Claire
192. CANTOS, Rj
193. CAPANAS, Jovalie Claire
194. CAPELLAN, Marina Victoria
195. CARANDANG, Ma. Buenafe
196. CARBONELL, Rhea Joy
197. CARDIÑO, Gian Carlo
198. CARDONA, Sarah Jeane
199. CARILLO, Marc Jay
201. CARLOBOS, Princess Christine
202. CARPIO, Menachem
203. CARTAGENA, Philipp King
204. CASADOR, Angeli Ness
205. CASALS, Detchie
206. CASIBANG, JR., Ruben
208. CASIO, Jo Ann Marie
209. CASISON-DUNGCA, Maricel
210. CASTILLO, Beverly
211. CASTILLO, Dante
212. CASTILLO, Mark Erwin
213. CASTRO, Joanne Frances
214. CASTRODES, Kristine Joyce
215. CASUELA, Nathaniel Joseph
216. CATACUTAN, Richard
217. CATACUTAN, JR., Felicisimo
218. CATALAN, Jo-am
220. CATULONG, Zacharias
221. CAYABAN, Iva Freyritz Erica
222. CAYCO, Natasha
223. CAYCO, Victor Carlo Antonio
224. CAÑARES, Vhincent
225. CAÑETE, Stephen Roy
226. CEDEÑO, Jessa Mary Ann
227. CERIALES, Roni
228. CHAN, Christian
229. CHAN, Clifford
230. CHAN, Jereline
231. CHAVES, Carla Michelle
232. CHING, May Ann
233. CHINTE, Mary Eileen
234. CHU, Kristine Paula
235. CHUA, Sacel Anne
236. CINCO, Abegail Marie
237. CLAUDIO, Joanne Lucille Germaine
238. CLAUDIO, Kristoffer
239. CLAUDIO, Lesley Anne
240. CLEDERA, Kim Debra
241. COMA, Joanne Marie
242. CONCEPCION, Irene Charmaine
243. CONCEPCION, Robin Bryan
244. CONDE, Fiona
245. CONDE, Maricar
246. CONVOCAR, Daniel Luis
247. CORESIS, Ma. Katrina
248. CORPUZ, Danielle Sigfreid
249. CORPUZ, Grazielynne
250. CORRALES, Michael John
251. CORSAME-FUENTES, Gazzelenne
252. COVARRUBIAS, Jose Janello
253. CRISOSTOMO, Jaim Mari
254. CRUZ, Emmanuel Rey
255. CRUZ, Gino Carlo
256. CRUZ, Jennifer Anne Marie
257. CRUZ, Keneth Joyce
258. CRUZ, Niño Martin
259. CRUZ, Roxanne Joan
260. CUARTERO, Dave
261. CUBA, Margareth Kristel
262. CUBERO, Ronald
263. CUBILLAN, Asis
264. CUCHAPIN, Mykedox Knoel
265. CUEVAS, Dyan Marie
266. CUI, Rosabel
267. CURADA, Yul Bernie
268. CURAMMENG, Jessieh Rey
269. CUSTODIO, Daniel Ben
270. DANCE, Kristoffer Lee
271. DAPITON, Roel
272. DAQUIOAG, Florence
273. DE ANDRES, JR., Gabriel
274. DE CHAVEZ, Marc Roby
275. DE CHAVEZ-ALEDO, Sharon
276. DE DUMO, Jilliane Joyce
277. DE GUZMAN, Arjel
278. DE GUZMAN, Michael
279. DE GUZMAN, Robert Josef
280. DE GUZMAN, Steven Michael
281. DE LA CRUZ, Christian
282. DE LEON, Jose
283. DE LOS REYES, Dianne Margarette
284. DE LOS SANTOS, Christian Loren
285. DE MESA, Beverly Elvy
286. DE VERA, Ma. Christine Fel
287. DE VERA, II, Rustico
288. DE VILLA, Rhodora
289. DEJARME, Doreen
290. DEL ROSARIO, Joseph Carl
291. DELA CALZADA, Renato
292. DELA CRUZ, Gerald
293. DELA CRUZ, Glenna Mari
294. DELA CRUZ, Vann Allen
295. DELA CUESTA, Rogie
296. DELA PEÑA, Toni Carla
297. DELOS SANTOS, Lilian
298. DEOMPOC, Mary Khristel
299. DEVERATURDA, Joan Paula
300. DIALINO, Karen
301. DIAZ, Mario Vincent
302. DIESMOS, Angelo Ted
303. DIESTO, Jovian
304. DIGO, Jerry
305. DIMACULANGAN, Roberto Miguel
306. DIMAFELIX, II, Alfredo
307. DIMATATAC, Edwin
308. DIMSON, Caira Joyce
309. DIOKNO, Angelo
310. DISPO, D’lorenz Miro
311. DIZON, Justinne
312. DOCENA, Hans Christian
313. DOGWE-RAMIREZ, Marifi
314. DOMINGO, Frances Yani
315. DOMINGUEZ, Ilyn
316. DONATO, Carol
317. DORIA, Dianne
318. DU, Minister Moises
319. DUAZO, Rose Shayne
320. DUCUSIN, Alejandro
321. DULAY-MARCOS, Vicky Runa
322. DUMAGAT, Maricon
323. DUMALAY, Marichriz
324. DUNUAN, Brionelle La Realesa
325. DY, Frederick
326. ELEAZAR, Armand Dietrich
327. ELGO, Phil Ephraim
328. ELTANAL, Felwin Rau
329. ENAD, Rajiv
330. ENCABO, III, Melchisedech
332. ENCARNACION, Mark Francis
333. EPE, Evan
334. ERMINO, Augusto Ceasar
335. ESCALONA, Leo Miguel
336. ESCATRON, Karie
337. ESCOBER, Carlo
338. ESCUETA, Leonard
339. ESMENDA, Alvin
340. ESMERALDA, Patrick
341. ESPARCIA, Janis Louis
342. ESPARRAGO, Sheldon
343. ESPINA, Corin Celeste
344. ESPINOSA, Ron Ely
345. ESPIRITU, Harvey Rhey
346. ESPIRITU, Leah Eloisa
347. ESPIRITU, Paula
348. ESQUIVIAS, Joaquin Pablo
349. ESTIGOY, Karene Maneka
350. ESTRADA-ALCANTARA, Maria Socorro
351. ESTRELLA, Eric
352. EVAN, Noel
353. EVANGELISTA, Carlo Eduardo
354. EX, Doyle
355. EÑANO, Carissa Ann
356. FABUL, Joseph Vincent
357. FAJARDO, Celerina Rose
358. FAJARDO, Idamae
359. FAJARDO, Jan Ale
360. FATALLA, Dave Florenz
361. FEDERIO, Maria Desiree
362. FELICES, Rachel Marie
363. FELICIA, Luz Angela
364. FELIPE, Eduardo
365. FELIX, Peter Anthony Joseph
366. FERIA, Jerome Christopher
367. FERNANDO, Angelo
368. FERRAREN, Ryan
369. FERRER, Rosette
370. FLORES, Raymund Jonas
371. FLORES, Soleil
372. FLORES, II, Lester Jay Alan
373. FOLLO, Dennis
374. FONTANILLA, Viktor Samuel
375. FRAGANTE, Francis
376. FRANCISCO, Jeremiah
377. FRANCISCO, Jose Ma. Jason
378. FULGENCIO, Genesis
379. GABITO, Garry
381. GADIT, Earl
382. GALANG, John Paul
383. GALICIA, Gene Franco
384. GALLEVO-BAMBO, Majella Theresa
385. GALMAN, Franklin Gerard
386. GALVEZ, Edmund Cyril
387. GALVEZ, Jerico Angelo
388. GAMO, Ciselie Marie
389. GANASI, Dante
390. GANDO, Jovi Louie
391. GARCIA, Jan David
392. GARCIA, Junnar
393. GARCIA, Ron Michael
394. GARCINEZ, Paolo Gonzalo
395. GARRIDO, Kinni Albert
396. GATCHALIAN, Kate Carra
397. GATDULA, Genesis
398. GAYANILO, Brian
399. GENON, Aero Jel
400. GEOCANIGA, Gene Pedmon
401. GERNALE, Jay
402. GERVACIO, Diana
403. GIGANTONE, Maria Riza Lea
404. GILBUENA, Francis Conrad
405. GINGOYON, Laiza Kristel
406. GO, David Michael
407. GO, Marie Michelle
408. GO, Paolo Angelo
409. GOC-ONG, Lara May
410. GODINEZ, Jose Mari
411. GOMEZ, Ace
412. GOMEZ, Joni
413. GOMEZ, Mikhail Josef
414. GONZAGA, Odessa Grace
415. GONZALES, Christian
416. GONZALES, Jenny
417. GONZALES, Kristine Carmela
418. GONZALES, Nil Ryan
419. GORDULA, Xavier Elbert
420. GOYENA, Ma. Flor De Lis
421. GRANADO, Glenbelle
422. GUANGCO, Ma. Veronica
423. GUERRA, Blesscille
424. GUERRERO, Alan Martin
425. GUERRERO, Katrina Elena
426. GUEVARA, Kristine Bernadette
427. GUILLERMO, Maica
428. GUINOMLA, Mohammad Jamaludin
429. GUINTO, Celeni Kristine
430. GUMBAN, Margaret Rose
431. GUMBAN, Vanessa
432. GURREA, Fay Irene
433. GUTIERREZ, Eva Marie
434. GUZMAN, Jeffvince
435. HADLOCON, Fatima Faye
436. HASSANI, Mary Sayeh
437. HEREDIA, Criselda
438. HERMOSURA, Chasmeneth
439. HERNANDEZ, Maria Concepcion
440. HERNANDEZ, Patricia Andrea
441. HILARIO, Dan Raphael
442. HILARIO, Kyndell
443. HINLO, Marco
444. HIPOLITO, Maria Monica
445. HULIGANGA, Lovella May
446. HUMARANG, Jayson
447. HUMILDE, Noemi
448. IBAÑEZ, Jonathan
449. IGNACIO, Christopher John Marcelino
450. ILANO, Jose Angelito
451. IMPERIAL, Ramil
452. IMRAN, Adzlan
453. INCIONG, Jhoan Andrei
454. INDIOLA, Rio Aiko
455. INFANTE, Colleen
456. INGLES, Ignatius Michael
457. INLAO, Charle Magne
458. IRANZO, Kristoffer Edward
459. ISIDRO, Laida May
460. JAAFAR, Faigdar
461. JACOBA, Maria Laviña Rae
462. JARANILLA, David
463. JAVIER, April Rose
464. JAVIER, Carlo Michael
465. JAYME, Joel
466. JOAQUINO, JR., Joseph James
467. JUAN, Vincent
468. JUATCO, Francis
469. JULARBAL, Starr
470. JUSI, Genevieve
471. KALAW, Jenny Kay
472. KATIPUNAN, Andrea
473. KIAMZON, Joyful Josette
474. KING KAY, Catherine Beatrice
475. KO, Patricia
476. KUSAIN-KANSI, Adjuria
477. LA ROSA-MILLARES, Katherine Joy
478. LABADOR, Jed
479. LABIANO, Lester
480. LACAP, Karen Kristi
481. LACEDA, Jovert
482. LACHICA, Lemuel
483. LACNO, Sarah Vanessa
484. LACSON, April Carmela
485. LAGGUI, Marie Hyacinth
486. LAMBINO, Mary Rhauline
487. LAMSEN, Jaenicen
488. LANGIT, Earla Kahlila Mikhaila
489. LANTION, Mell Christopher
490. LANUZO, Ma. Czarina
491. LAO, Michael Stephen
492. LAOHOO, Joyce Elaine
493. LAUROS, Jus
494. LAXAMANA, Aufelene Anne
495. LAYAAN, Geraldine
496. LAZARO, Grace Ann
497. LAZARO, Nicholai Noel
498. LEAL, Lemuel
499. LEDESMA, Leofred Ian
500. LEGASPI, Erwin
501. LEI, John Christopherson
502. LEIDO, Juan Paolo Miguel
503. LELIS, Alexa Marie
504. LENA, Andrew John
505. LEONG-ANUDIN, Leslie Ann
506. LERONA, Lawuel
507. LI, Carlo Martin
508. LIGGAYU, Minehaha
509. LIM, Jhella
510. LIM, Rachelle
511. LIM, Timothy Dalton
512. LIM-MAGTANGGOL, Rachelle
513. LISTONES, Paul
514. LIWAG, Jobelle Joyce
515. LLAMAS, Marvyn
516. LOGROÑO, Princess Jazmine
517. LONDRES, Louie Marie
518. LOPEZ-BALUYUT, Philjoy
519. LORA, Lizette Lou
520. LOTOC, Jeremy
521. LOZADA, Maria Kristile
522. LOZANO, Daphne
523. LU, Antonio Miguel
524. LUCAS, Danjun
525. LUCIANO, Mark Christian
526. LUIB, JR., Ronald
527. LUNA, Myla
528. LUNASCO, Emil
529. MABANTA, Marco Jose Maria
530. MABAZZA, Paolo
531. MACABODBOD, Lou Bryan
532. MACARAEG, Marck Joseph
533. MACARANDANG, Deen Asliah
534. MACARAYAN, Maichel Rick
535. MACHUCA, Jose Maria Angel
536. MADRIDIJO, Marlon
537. MAGCALAS, Felman Gem
538. MAGLINAO, Patrick
539. MALABUYOC, Ichelle
540. MALAGA, Vic Randolf
541. MALALAD, Warren Wesley
542. MALASA, Michelene
543. MALAWANI, Hanaphi
544. MALLANAO, Paul
545. MAMAILAO, Athiena
546. MAMAILAO, Paiza
547. MAMUKID, Michael
548. MANALO, May
549. MANALO, Melchor
550. MANANDEG, Gertrude Gay
551. MANAUIS, JR., Conrado
552. MANCAO, Katrina Michelle
553. MANGSI, Sanchez
554. MANGUBAT, Rex
555. MANIEGO, Catriona Rhiannon
556. MANRIQUE, Bernard
557. MANUEL, Sheila Gene
558. MAQUILAN, Jonathan
559. MARANAN, Maria Carmela
560. MARASIGAN, Nathan
561. MARAÑA, Jonalyn
562. MARCELO, Monica Joy
563. MARCELO, Ronel
564. MARIÑAS, Maria Rosario
565. MARON-MARTIN, Vobbye Jean
566. MAROTO, Ma. Alexandria Ixara
567. MARQUESES, Dan Michael
568. MARQUEZ, JR., Reynaldo
569. MARTIN, Mary Marjorie
570. MARTINEZ, IV, Lorenzo
571. MARTIREZ, Ike
572. MARTY, Frank Edward
573. MASLOG, Ma. Sheryl
574. MATALAM, Jamil Adrian Khalil
575. MATIAS, Serwin
576. MATILDO, JR, Lerdo
577. MAURERA, Katherine
578. MAYUGA, Adrian
579. MAÑEBO, Ferdinand
580. MEDINA, Maria Ana Karina
581. MEJIA, Nina Remedios
582. MEJIA, Venus Amelie
583. MELGAR, III, Josefino
584. MENDOZA, Daniel Angelo
585. MENDOZA, Emaculada Concepcion
586. MENDOZA, Gerardo
587. MENDOZA, Jason
588. MENDOZA, Marychelle
589. MENZON, Anthony
590. MERCADER, Ryan
591. MERIDA, JR., Manuel
592. MILLEZA, Carmel Rosame
593. MILLORA, II, Efren Joe
594. MINA, Iellen Therese
596. MIRAVALLES, Samantha
597. MITCHOR, April
598. MONTANO, IV, Julian
599. MONTEMAYOR, Meriam
600. MONTENEGRO, Kutz Melvin
601. MORA, Crisanto
602. MORALES, Armand
603. MORALES, Generick Humprey
604. MORGA, Ryan Calvin
605. MORILLO, Leo Adrian
606. MOTOOMULL-IDULSA, Marian Kanna
607. MUCOY-GRANADOS, Meralie
608. MULI, Katrina
609. MUPAS, Remedios
610. MUTIA, Mohammad Nabil
611. MUÑIZ, Angelo
612. MUÑOZ, Giselle Angelica
613. NAGAÑO, Lord Jayson
614. NAVARRA, Cherrylyn
615. NEJUDNE, Paul
616. NICOLAS, Jerwin
617. NIEMES, Vanessa
618. NIEVES, Jonas
619. NIFRAS, Francis Ariel
620. NOEL, Laura Katrina
621. NOGRALES, Juan Fidel Felipe
622. NONATO, Roselle Jean
623. NOVERAS, Chrsitian
624. NUCUP, Neil
625. NUEVO, Genie Celini
626. NUÑEZ, Jeremie
627. OBIAS, John Dominic
628. OCADO, Allian
629. OCAMPO, Christopher Louie
630. OCAMPO, Gilbert Paolo
631. OCAMPO, Riza Lyn
632. OFANDA, Adonis
633. OLAVERE, Albert
634. OLYMPIA, Abrame-lionel Gamaliel
635. OMOLON, Maila Giselle
636. ONA, Kristel Concepcion
637. ONG, Tracy Anne
638. OPINION, Richard
639. OPOSA, Juan Antonio
640. OPSIMA, Gayle
641. ORAL, Daniel Martin
642. ORATE, Danessa Fayne
643. ORBETA, Frances Grace Allyana
644. ORBITA, Chona
645. ORDOÑEZ, Jaclyn Anne
646. ORTIZ, Edison
647. OSORIO, Rolant Andrie
648. PABLICO, Maria Asuncion
649. PABLICO, My Kristia
650. PACASEM, Ubaida
651. PADER-VILLANUEVA, Carmina Agnes
652. PADILLA, Albert
653. PADILLA JR., Victor
654. PADOGA, Dean Martin
655. PAGADOR, Winston
656. PAGALILAUAN, Edison James
657. PAGLICAWAN, Maria Angelica
659. PALLA, Bartolome
660. PALOMAR, Sunshine
661. PALU-AY, Matias Monico
662. PANA, Melbourne Ziro
663. PANGANIBAN, Victoria
664. PANTIG, Hazel
665. PARADO, Lovely Myrrh
666. PAREJA, Judiel
667. PARUBRUB, Christina
668. PARUNGAO, Ronald
669. PASION, Roseann Claudine
670. PATAUEG, JR., Nicolas
671. PATIÑO, Erica Christel
672. PAVON, Teddy Edmund
673. PAYUMO, Margielyn
674. PAZZIUAGAN, Cheska Ann
675. PEDROSA, JR., Jose Aaron
676. PEGALAN, Ricky Heart
677. PELAEZ, Lawrence Leo
678. PELANDAS, Bryan
679. PELINIO, Norman
680. PELOBELLO, JR., Herminio
681. PERALTA, Romark
682. PERANDOS, Katty Jean Lourdes
683. PERAS, Phoebeth
684. PERDITO, Kristine Jane
685. PEREDO-MILLAN, Cynthia Lyn
686. PEREGRINO-CO, Jaydee
687. PEREZ, Alexander Brian
688. PEREZ, Lilibeth
689. PERNITES, Russel
690. PEÑADA, Joanna May
691. PICZON, Edson
692. PILAR, Sir Achilles
693. PIMENTEL, Joanna Pauline
694. PINILI, Richard
695. PIÑON, Joseph Carlo
696. PLAZA, Leslie Mae
697. PLAZO, Joseph
698. PRADO, Carlos Manuel
699. PRINCIPIO, Pearl Lizza
700. PROCHINA, Mary Avon
701. PUA, Alvin Greg
702. PUA, Moses Eleazar
703. PUERTO, Basil
704. PUGUON, Jener
705. QUESADA, Michael
706. QUEZADA, Peter Paul
707. QUIACHON, Nea Cecille
708. QUIAMBAO, Reinier
709. QUIBO, Grace May
710. QUIBRANZA, Lorraine Anne
711. QUILATES, Donelle Jay
712. QUIMPO, Andro Julio
713. QUINAGORAN, Fidelis Victorino
714. QUINTOS, Beverly Anne
715. QUISUMBING, Julia Francesca
716. RADAZA, Eirah
717. RAFAEL, Marq Azeus
718. RAMEL, Christopher
719. RAMOS, Agatha Kristy
720. RAMOS, Billy James
721. RAMOS, Dave
722. RAMOS, Maridelle
723. RAMOS, Raymond
724. RASO, Karl Vincent
725. RAVELO, Zaide
726. RAYMUNDO, Vir Celito
727. RECIERDO, Mark Francis
728. RECIO, Albee Alliana
729. RECTO, Mark Alvin
730. REMOLACIO, Emmanuel
731. REPOLLO-UY, Alnessa Thea
732. REVALDE, Jeser
733. REVILLA, JR., Rodrigo
734. REYES, Clarisse
735. REYES, Jaymie Ann
736. REYES, Jose Antonio
737. REYES, Maryann Agnes Jertez
738. REYES, Misheil
739. RICAFLANCA, Leizl
740. RICAZA, Michelle Marie
741. RIGODON, Lou Diane
742. RILLERA, Jobert
743. RIVERA, Joonee Randyl
744. ROA-OARDE, Dianne Marie
745. ROBLES, Edgar Michael
746. ROBLES, Sunshine
747. ROCHA, Robert Angelo
748. RODRIGUEZ, Miracle Anne
749. ROJO, Jane Catherine
750. ROLEDA, Danell Lenard
751. ROMEA, George Michael
752. ROMERO, Allan
753. ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus
754. RONDAL, Jaye Loren
755. ROSALES, Vicente Rafael
756. ROXAS, Juan Paolo
757. RUBINO, Junald
758. RUDAS, Vincent
759. SABADO, Joseph Mario
760. SABAS, Lloyd Francis
761. SABAUPAN, Flor Angela
762. SABORNAY, Ricky
763. SABORNIDO, Noemi
764. SAGARIO, Leo Angelo
765. SAJONIA, Louie
766. SALARZON, Henry Claude Roy
767. SALAZAR, Jerome
768. SALAZAR, Patrick Henry
769. SALCEDO, Anna
770. SALCEDO-PUDPUD, Debbie Love
771. SALEM-INES, Chermibelle
772. SALENDAB, Ayla Herazade
773. SALLIDAO, Eric
774. SALVA, Carlo Emmanuel
775. SALVANI, A.d. Vincent Iv
776. SAMACO, Leo Bernard
777. SAMSON, Martin Luigi
778. SAN DIEGO, JR., Virgilio
779. SAN PEDRO, Leila Grace
780. SANCHEZ, Janer
781. SANCHEZ, Marie Yasmin
782. SANDOVAL, Camhella
783. SANDOVAL, Josephine Grace
784. SANDRINO, Maureen Grace
785. SANGGACALA, Naima
786. SANTAMARIA, Dindo
787. SANTIAGO, Dulce Corazon
788. SANTIAGO, Jefferson
789. SANTIAGO, Philippe Emile
790. SANTOS, Alexander
791. SANTOS, Ana Lorraine
792. SANTOS, Aurelia Beatrice
793. SANTOS, Hanzel
794. SANTOS, Joel
795. SANTOS, Joel
796. SANTOS, Joel Enrico
797. SANTOS, Juan Paolo
798. SANTOS, Karichi
799. SANTOS, Kathleen Mae
800. SANTOS, Melissa Christina
801. SARABOSQUEZ, Justine Keith
802. SARANGAYA, JR., Ismael
803. SARI, Jayson
804. SARONA, JR., Isidro
805. SAYSON, Charlotte Lyza
806. SAZON, Ser Christian
807. SEE, Candice Faye
808. SELLEZA, Suzy Claire
809. SERCADO, Marie Arcie Anne
810. SERENIO, Darlon
811. SERENO, Jose Lorenzo
812. SIA, Emmanuel
813. SIADEN, Nathaniel
814. SIASON-VILLA, Belinda
815. SINGCO, Jamee
816. SINGZON, Maria Eloisa Imelda
817. SIRON, Monica Leonila
818. SISON, Juvin
819. SO, Jelani Carlo
820. SO, Kristina Carmela
821. SOBREPEÑA, Deborah Miriam
822. SOCO, Patrina
823. SOCRATES, Louie
824. SOLEJON, Franie
825. SOLIDON, Ed Rowland
826. SOLIVEN, Jan Vincent
827. SOMOROSTRO, Genaro
828. SORIANO, Raymond Adrian
829. SORIANO, Sarah
830. SORIASO, Louresse Patricia Jane
831. SPALDING, Donn Robert
832. STA. BARBARA, Jesus Erick
833. SUAREZ, Roberto Paolo
834. SUAREZ, Shiela May
835. SULIT, Dioxenos
836. SUMAGAYSAY, Laser Blitz
837. SUMAOY, Dexter Rey
838. SUMIBCAY, Dexter Caesar
839. SUROPIA, Fehma
840. SY, Clarence
841. TABALON, Leonard Lyle
842. TABLADILLO, Stephanie
843. TADIQUE, Roxanne
844. TAGANAS, Olivia
845. TAGUBA, Jezreel Caridad
846. TAGUIAM, Christa Maria
847. TAIB, Najeeb
848. TALLEDO, Harold Christian
849. TAMAYO, Maribel
850. TAMONDONG, Mark Lester
851. TAMONDONG, JR., Eddie
852. TAN, Cheryl Bevin
853. TAN, Maria Theresa
854. TAN, Talitha Renee
855. TANCINCO, Rafael Lorenzo
856. TANCINCO, Roy Shaun
857. TANGCO, Karen Kreez
858. TANSINGCO, Samira Nimfa
860. TAPIA, Mayette
862. TAYHOPON, Kristoffer Ryan
863. TE, Justine
864. TECSON, Janna Mae
865. TEEHANKEE, Ryan Christopher
866. TELAN, John Benedict
867. TINAGAN, James Michael Vincent
868. TING, Camille Sue Mae
869. TIOPIANCO, Francis Paolo
870. TOBIAS, Ana Patricia
871. TOLENTINO, Arc Aldrin
873. TORRENTIRA, Rosalio
874. TORRES, Phillip
875. TORRES, Reyjie
876. TRASPORTO, Jose Donel
877. TUGADI, Marifem
878. TUMANDA, Jansyl Lovan
879. TUPAZ, Kristine
880. TUTAAN, Tyrone
881. TY, Evita Grace
882. UBERITA, Joan
883. UDDIN, Zalman
884. URSUA, Melissa Asuncion
885. USON, Adriana Alexis
886. UY, Johan Christian
887. UY, Kim Raisa
888. UY, Rhea
889. VALAQUIO, Ma. Ailyne
890. VALDEZ, Cristina
891. VALDEZ, Maia Chiara Halmen Reina
892. VALDEZ, JR., Edgar
893. VALENCIA, David Evelio
894. VALENTIN, Charmaine
895. VALENTON, Johvie
896. VALERA, Stephen Russel Keith
897. VARGAS, Jacqueline
898. VARGAS, Mona Angela
899. VARON, Iniego Carl
900. VELASCO, Ethelene
901. VELASCO, Lady Ivy Vanity
902. VELOSO, III, Marcelino
903. VENTURA, Mary Grace
904. VENTURA, Ruby Ann
905. VENZUELA, Kristine Ann
906. VERCIDE-LUNA, Jocelyn
907. VERTULFO-ARBOLE, Jovilly Donna
908. VESTIL, Rosalita
909. VICENTE, Nilda
910. VIERNES, JR., Celestino
911. VILLACORTE, Audrey Eunize
912. VILLALOBOS, Melchor
913. VILLALON, Albert Angelo
914. VILLANO, Sheela
915. VILLANUEVA, Carlos Joseph
916. VILLANUEVA, Norliza
917. VILLANUEVA, Ralph Christian
918. VILLANUEVA, Roberto
919. VILLANUEVA, Ronn Michael
920. VILLANUEVA, Tiofilo
921. VILLAR, Viferlyn
922. VIRAY, Joshua
923. VIRTUDAZO, Rilven Christian
924. VIÑAS, Sheiryl
925. WACQUISAN, Ma. Tilde Titina
926. WHITE, Charles Jensen
927. WIEDMER, Patrick Heinz
928. WONG, Joyce Anne
929. YAM, Mark Benjamin
930. YANG, Alarice
931. YANKEE, Jimson
932. YAO, Jacqueline Anne
933. YAP, Cherrylin
934. YAP, Shan Yran
935. YAU, Weny
936. YLADE, Donna Frances
937. YMAS, Priscilla Mae
938. YODICO, II, Rodolfo
939. YOUNG, Michael Wilson
940. YU, Diane Cecilia
941. YU, Stephen
942. ZABALA, Mark Louie
943. ZAFRA, Yolanda
944. ZAMBRANO, Gino Antonio
946. ZAPANTA, Arthur Imanuel
947. ZARAGOZA, Anicka Nicoli
948. ZARENO, Jewelynn Gay
949. ZERNA, Adelaine Faith


Philippine court suspends birth control law Created on March 20, 2013, 8:18 am Posted by nup

The Philippines' highest court suspended on Tuesday a controversial birth control law that had met fierce opposition from the powerful Catholic Church.

Voting 10-5, the Supreme Court issued a four-month freeze against the law, which requires government health centres to hand out free condoms and schools to teach sex education, court spokesman Theodore Te said.

The order "stops implementation of the reproductive health law for 120 days," Te said, after a closed door session of the justices.

Te did not comment on the merits of the case, saying only the court had issued the suspension to allow petitioners against the law time to present their oral arguments on June 18.

President Benigno Aquino's office said the government respected the high court's order, but stressed it was optimistic the Supreme Court would eventually ratify the law.

"We will observe the... resolution issued by the Supreme Court and we are confident that the government will be able to defend the merits of the Responsible Parenthood Law," Aquino's spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, told reporters.

The Catholic Church and pro-life groups were however quick to welcome the decision, saying they interpreted the court's decision as backing the merits of their argument.

"We deem it as a victory, but not a final victory yet," Eric Manalang, president of Pro-Life Philippines, told AFP, describing the law as "evil".

After more than a decade of opposition by the influential Catholic Church, legislators passed the measure late last year and it formally took effect in January.

Church-backed religious groups had lodged at least six petitions with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the law, arguing it was immoral and openly promoted promiscuity by mandating sex education be taught in schools.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has since called for a "morality vote" in the May mid-term elections against legislators who voted for the passage of the law.

More than 80 percent of the country's 100 million population are Catholics, making it Asia's bulwark of the faith.

4 bets get endorsement from ex-Arroyo allies Created on March 15, 2013, 7:26 am Posted by nup

MANILA -- Former allies of Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has picked four candidates -- two from Team PNoy and another two from the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) -- to endorse in the May midterm elections.

Nueva Ecija Representative Rodolfo Antonino, president of the National Unity Party (NUP), said they will support the candidacy of Team PNoy’s Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, and UNA’s Nancy Binay and Senator Gringo Honasan.

The NUP was formed by congressmen who bolted the Lakas-Kampi-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD) party of former President Arroyo. It vowed support for the Aquino administration and the leadership of Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. in the House of Representatives.

Belmonte, also a former member of Lakas-Kampi-CMD, is an honorary chairman of the NUP.

“We are confirming support for an initial four candidates who are Aquino, Cayetano, Honasan and Binay. (There will be) more to follow, maybe another four candidates,” Antonino said.

“The rest will be at the discretion of our members,” the lawmaker added.

Antonino said the other four candidates the NUP will endorse will be announced after Holy Week or by the end of the month.

The NUP is fielding 37 candidates for Congress, 15 for provincial governor, and eight for vice governor. (Kathrina Alvarez/Sunnex)




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