24 health care bills passed by House now languishing in the Senate Created on February 15, 2016, 3:17 am Posted by nup

Some two dozen measures passed by the House of Representatives aimed at improving the country’s health care system and protecting the welfare of women and children have remained pending in the Senate, congressional records show.

These bills were passed by the House during the First, Second and Third Regular Sessions of the Congress.

The Senate has been preoccupied with legislative inquiries during the past year, involving high-profile personalities and issues,  such as prominent political figures and  the Mamasapano incident that killed 44 Special Action Force (SAF) officers of the Philippine National Police.

Among the measures now languishing in the Senate are House Bill 5178 , which aims to strengthen the Philippine Comprehensive Policy on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome (AIDS) prevention, treatment, care and support, and establishing the Philippine National HIV and AIDS Plan.


Another bill pending in the Senate is HB 5955, which aims to  establish a free Basic Medicare Assistance Program in all Government Health Facilities nationwide.

The list does not include dozens of local bills which aim to  upgrade or establish hospitals and health facilities in the various districts nationwide, and other health-related concerns.

As of Feb. 4, 2016, the other pro-health measures pending in the Senate are the following:

1) HB 5956 - Mandating the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to increase the coverage for Dialysis treatment of members of the National Health Insurance Program to ninety (90) Sessions per year

2) HB 6076 - Regulating the practice of Food Technology in the Philippines, creating for the purpose the Board of Food Technology


3) HB 6204 - Requiring Basic Education Students to undergo Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training


4) HB 5187 - Enhancing the Role of Parent-Teacher Associations in promoting the welfare and protecting the rights of children and the youth

5) HB 4907 - Promoting Positive and Non-Violent Discipline of Children

6) HB 2611 - Elderly and visually impaired friendly Philippine Currency Design, amending Section 53 of R.A. 7653

7) HB 5377 - Preventing and controlling pollution from ships and providing penalties therefor

8) HB 5538 - Providing for a revised Human Organ Donation and Transplantation Program and providing penalties for the violation thereof, repealing for the purpose R.A. 7170, as amended, also known as the Organ Donation Act of 1991

9) HB 5675 - Defining Electronic violence against women and their children, providing protective measures, and prescribing penalties, amend the anti-Violence against Women and their children Act of 2004

10) HB 6397 - Strengthening compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards

11) HB 398 - Mandatory Pregnancy Testing of All Women of Childbearing Age Who Will Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

12) HB 1617 - Establishing the Mercury Exposure Information Program

13) HB 3727 - Requiring Healthcare Facilities to provide a Price List of its Healthcare Services including incidental expenses and Medical supplies that can be charged in the Medical bill

14) HB 3728 - Mandating Ocular Prophylaxis on Newborns

15) HB 4000 - Strengthening the Regulation of Health Facilities and Services in the Philippines

16) HB 2384 - Amending the Family Health Code of the Philippines

17) HB 2072 - Declaring Malunggay (Moringa) as 'The National Vegetable of the Philippines' and The Month of November of every year as 'The National Malunggay Month.'

18) HB 4558 - Establishing Special Education (SPED) Centers for Children with Special Needs in all Public Schools Divisions, providing for Standards and Guidelines


19) HB 4577 - Institutionalizing a Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care System, providing for the establishment, supervision and regulation of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Profession, providing penalties therefor


20) HB 5018 - Requiring Government agencies to indicate the Blood Type of individuals in the Identification Cards, Certificates and Licenses

21) HB 5067 - Prohibiting the collection of fees from passengers for the use of sanitary facilities in the Land Transport terminals, stations, stops and rest areas

22) HB 5087 - Regulating the importation, manufacture, distribution and sale of children´┐Żs toys, school supplies, childcare articles and other related products, containing hazardous chemicals

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