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CITY OF BALANGA, Bataan, Nov 16 (PIA) – Inspired by calls of the people for historical innovation, the city government of Balanga will launch a 192-page encyclopedia contains never-before-seen details about the Bataan capital.

The Balanga Encyclopedia consists of information on the city’s prominent people, places and events thoroughly researched and verified by the City of Balanga Historical Committee (CBHC).

Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III said the book may be released this year, the earliest. Work on the book started in 2010.

“Never before had there been a such a very informative resource material that saw print which vividly captures the images, set in motion by interesting events describing the struggles and triumphs of Balanga’s great achievers,” Garcia III said .

Governor Enrique Garcia Jr. said this “compilation of vital information” is a task of all local government units often neglected. He said LGUs must preserve and develop its tradition, history and culture.

“It is my wish that the Balanga Encyclopedia will not only make citizens acquainted with the city but will spark a new wave of pride and commitment to this land,” Garcia Jr. said.

The CBHC said there were at least three books about Bataan and Balanga City that had been written in the past five decades. These included urban legends and hearsay which it said is typical to “perhaps purposely inject life and color.”

But the Balanga Encyclopedia, CBHC said, intends to be more accurate and circumspect. It tells about the city’s people, demography, culture, great sons and daughters, and its “gradual transformation into a well-developed community.”

“Written with fidelity as to historical dates, periods, people, places and events, it is hoped to become a part of Philippine history. Balanga Encyclopedia is a gem of achievement that will serve as legacy to the next generation of Balangueños,” the CBHC said in book's foreword.

The book cover features an overlooking night scene from the Galeria Victoria, showing the lighted St. Joseph Cathedral, the city hall and the Plaza Mayor De Balanga. (CLJD/JMG-PIA 3)

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