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Filipinos are very fond of eating and discovering new brand of food stuffs that will satisfy their taste buds, inventing and formulating new products is one of main reason why many provinces in the Philippines have their own native delicacies. Bacolod City are among those who has their own native delicacy and of the popular is the “Piaya” a round sweet bread filled with caramel enriched with sugar called “mascuvado” and sesame seeds that makes a unique taste. It is one of the in-demand Pasalubong stuff in Negros Occidental especially Bacolod City. The piaya can be found anywhere on the street because a lot of people really love this native foods that’s why many businessman engaged on this business.

One of the most top producers of piaya is the Bongbong’s Pasalubong Center located in the heart of the city. The said store was recognized as the No.1 Pasalubong Center in the province and also catering other native delicacies of Negros Occidental.


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